Walk with Joe 2020 Walks On!!!!


With COVID-19 affecting the world as it has, the Mission of the Walk with Joe will still continue to remember September 11, 2001 and the impact it had on our world. For this year, in lieu of a large group gathering at Battlefield State Park, we will have a Virtual Walk. We are suggesting that you do a 5k walk at your convenience sometime that week leading up to September 11th. You could use the Manalapan Recreation Center which has a nice 5k trail, Battlefield State Park, or a park or track near your home. Just do a walk in memory of Joe, Chris, Tom, or someone you lost on that tragic day.


If you would like to register as a walker or if you would like to make a donation as we are still hoping to support our charities especially in these tough times, we encourage you to register by clicking here. If you wish to send a check, you can do so to our mail box. We will even post pics of walkers on our web site if you email them to us at


As we said, we are still hoping to support our charities and we ask you to be as generous as you can. As always, we sincerely thank you for your support and we will look forward to our 20th anniversary walk on September 11, 2021. Take care and God bless you all!!! We will never forget!!



Join us and walk with family, friends and the community as we celebrate the lives of “Joe” Driscoll, Chris Gray, and Tom McCann, three of the thousands of heroes who tragically lost their lives on 9/11, and give comfort to their families.


The Walk honors Patrick "Joe" Driscoll, a hero aboard Flight 93 along with the other passengers and crew, Chris Gray who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, and Tom McCann who lost his life responding to the scene while working for the NYC Fire Department. To honor all their memory and give comfort to all who lost someone on that tragic day, we will celebrate the 19th annual walk. We hope you can join us


And if you still want to support the walk now, you may do so at our web site. Thank you.


"Walk with Joe"

A Memorial 5K Virtual Walk

Over $400,000 has been donated. All of the proceeds from the walk, including monies raised from participants and sponsors are donated to numerous charities. Organizations which have benefited include: The Samaritan Center food bank, The Freehold Open Door food bank, The Monmouth County Child Advocacy Center, The Brennan Stands Alone Organization, American Recreational Military Services (ARMS), Monmouth Battlefield State Park, the RJM Foundation (a special needs youth organization), The Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville PA, The Monmouth County Mount Mitchell Memorial Park, The University of West Virginia Christopher Gray Memorial Scholarship Fund, youth athletic programs, and numerous non-profit organizations serving the area with humanitarian aid and programs.


Memorial Scholarships through the Freehold Regional High School District have been established to honor the memories of Chris Gray and Tom McCann.