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Meet Joe, Chris & Tom

Patrick “Joe” Driscoll, a hero aboard Flight 93 along with the crew and the other passengers, stood tall and stopped Flight 93 from hitting its target in Washington, D.C. Joe, a Manalapan resident for 35 years, was killed on September 11th, 2001, aboard United Airlines Flight #93 in the attack on America. A great athlete and outdoorsman, Joe was heading to Yosemite National Park in California for his annual hiking trip when terrorists hijacked Flight # 93. Joe and his wife Maureen were looking forward to celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary that year. He was a father of four children and had five grandchildren. As a member of the US Navy, Joe served during the Korean War. He graduated from the New York University School of Engineering and earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University. Joe retired from Bellcore as Executive Director of Software Development. As a member of The Yorktowne Club, a community benevolent organization located in Manalapan, Joe spent countless hours coaching sports, teaching and giving back to his community. Help us honor Joe and carry on the giving he did so freely. Joe Driscoll was a true gift to us all.


Christopher S. Gray, a young aspiring “Wall Street” Executive, on that fateful day began yet another innocent and ambitious morning as an Exchange Trader, for the  Cantor Fitzgerald Company, in the World Trade Center. Chris was born and raised in Manalapan. Following graduation from Manalapan High School, he accepted a football scholarship from West Virginia University to play quarterback for the Mountaineer’s. He was employed by Cantor Fitzgerald as a foreign exchange trader at the time of the 9/11 attacks.  He was engaged to be married to his college sweetheart Kelly. Chris was the son of former Manalapan Mayor and Yorktowne Club member, Jim Gray and his wife Janet; he had two brothers Jay and Tim.


Tom McCann, a 23 year veteran of the FDNY, and one more day closer to his retirement, only four months away, was one of the first responders to the initial attack and unfortunately made the ultimate sacrifice to help others, as he has done his entire life. Tom was a member of Engine Company 65; he was one of the initial first responders when the twin towers were hit. He was a Manalapan resident who served as a coach and supporter of his children’s various athletic activities. He left behind his wife Anne Marie, his two children, Courtney and Sean, and his brother, George, a Yorktowne Club member. All of who continue to reside in Manalapan. 

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